Benefits of Joining the PBN

There are many benefits to joining the PBN. I will list them below so you know exactly what you get as an member of the PBN.

  • Get listed in the Our Popping Sites page along with your blog’s slogan.
  • Have your blog’s RSS feed added to the PBN Blog page so people can see your posts.
  • Get your events, contests, or parties advertised in the Community Events page.
  • Have a personal emoji of your blog on the PBC. The basic emoji will be made using your blog’s favicon, but if your blog doesn’t have one, it will be made using your blog’s header. If you want, you can even make a custom blog emoji. Please post all custom emoji’s to the PBC and tag either Hyper Gamer or Purple Claw.
  • Join our awesome events, polls and contests!